Journey with me:

- it will not just address the issue at hand, but create a lifestyle shift and inner transformation 

- not just a quick fix but a continuous process of growth and evolution using the tools provided  

- collaborative effort to get to be where you want to and provide just the right amount of support for you to function independent most of the time.


How is this different than other coaching?

- healing helps to work on the deeper blockages and coaching helps in transformation. 


Is it safe/proven?

- it is absolutely safe! I’ve helped many from students to CEOs with this. And is widely performed in over 120 countries. 


Is it permanent?

- layers will come out and it is normal and will be taken care of.


Do I have to be physically present / how is the coaching offered?


How does distance work?

- it’s just like your phones and data exchange. You don’t see it but it happens. Energy works the same. We are al connected. (Law of Quantum Science)


What is CliftonStrengths all about?

- If you haven’t heard of it already, it is a... (can give book name but avoid giving links to other websites)



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