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Other than the pollutants and toxins in the environment, we are surrounded by energies created by our thoughts and emotions that affect our physical, emotional and mental performance.

What it really does for you...

The human mind is programmed to view the world through its unique lenses. Just like it is difficult to see through a foggy windshield, it is difficult to see the obvious when the mind is clouded with thoughts and emotions. What makes coaching valuable is the coach's ability to have an unbiased objective viewpoint along with constant guidance and support. Sparks' approach is like cleaning the windshield to help you see the reality and get to the next level. The Sparks approach doesn't change you into something society wants or you think you want, instead it helps remove internal fears and obstacles to re-introduce you to your authentic self to build a fulfilling and successful life unique to you. (book your intro call option, book $189 strengths discovery option/pop-up)

How I guide you - The Process

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Pranic Healing

(check packages - mix with healing...highly recommended for deep rooted & long standing issues. in main description - experience power of life energy) - can put chat board and connect to my phone. don't put prices.

Energy coach - when you change from within, your worldview and narrative changes...your life changes.

I am always in a search of ways and means to make life easier for each of you that I come across. In one such quest, I chanced upon the 'miracles' of energy science and how life energy can be used to heal and improve almost every area of our life! I was mind-boggled to see the transformation in my life & I knew this was a gem that I definitely had to incorporate. Read more about it over here.

Simple Ailments

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