My Story

I love people! They're unique, intriguing and fascinatingly complex.


Imagine the possibilities that can be achieved if only there's a right trigger. My personal journey began as a zero-confidence young 

girl, who could barely speak up in social a corporate trainer and public speaker addressing auditoriums of crowd.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to live in some of the greatest countries like India, Switzerland and now Singapore. 

I have also had the privilege of working with world-renowned brands where I get to interact with people from various backgrounds. My work experience ranges from hospitality, 

corporate training, leadership development, and now life coaching and energy healing - the common factor being my love for growing and nurturing people!

My goal is to use the knowledge, tools & techniques I learnt over the years to help you become the limitless success that you truly are.

Why I do What I do

In almost all of my interactions, it was intriguing to know how much each individual can do and wants to achieve, yet limited due to multiple blockages from situations, surroundings, but most importantly ‘from within’. Many live in hopes of a miracle, while some even conclude that it's a dead end! Whereas in reality, we are all innately capable of creating and living a life that we most desire...and everyone need to know this! The power of coaching lies in the gentle nudge and a safe space that the coach provides to start making hopes a reality. If you can imagine can most certainly have it! The twinkle in their eyes and the glow on their face after each successful interaction is what inspired me to do what I do.

Top things people reach out to me for...

Choosing the right career option or paving the right onward career path.

Improving & sustaining harmonious relationships at work and home.

Finding life purpose and gaining clarity of life choices.

Increasing self worth & emotional regulation for fear, stress and anger.

Guide by the side…."just be there to push, motivate and encourage me".

Emotional health and wellness to support treatment of physical ailments.

Their experiences...

Make wise career choices with the right company, right role, and right remuneration

Peacefully leave toxic relationships and create a positive shift for their future

Sustain relationships with the right ones and re-ignite the spark, attract ideal relationships

Value self and realize self-worth at work and personal life

Gain emotional stability and thought clarity for better decision making

Achieve health improvements especially related to stress and fatigue


Credentials and Certifications

Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach

Business and Counselling Psychology

WSQ Certified Trainer & Assessor

Talent Development Professional

Energy Healing and Meditation

Sounds like what you have been looking for?

Check out your options here.


Payal impressed me with her deep knowledge and intrinsic aptitude for coaching through her insightful style. She displayed true professionalism, dedication, empathy and effective analytical skills.

Kiran Deshpande, Regional Program Director for APAC & North Asia




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